Our History

For our founder/owner David Gallant seafood is more than his business. It’s his passion and it’s in his blood.

In 1940 David’s father Armand and uncle Joseph founded Gallant Brothers Shellfish in Quincy Massachusetts. Later that decade after serving in World War II Armand opened the Armand Seafood Restaurant.

David developed a keen interest in his family’s business early in life as a youngster he would accompany his father on trips to a local shellfish beach. Growing up on the ocean’s shore in Massachusetts, he also spent countless hours digging for clams and working at the restaurant.

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Today, many years later, David walks in his father’s footsteps by making a living in the seafood industry.  Since opening for business in 1998 SouthEast Shellfish has earned a sterling reputation. No matter where you are, we offer the freshest seafood, the lowest prices and the most attentive service in the industry.

He here at our headquarters in Wareham, Massachusetts we take great pride in what we do. And we sincerely thank you for your business

Southeast Shellfish . 22 Kendrick Rd, Wareham, MA ‎02571 . (508) 273-0323